Week 1 | Home Spelling Words

Week 1 | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
yellow The car is yellow Basic
is He is here Basic
come Come with me Basic
we We are home Basic
can He can come Basic
on He is on the bike Basic
little He is little Basic
do I will do my homework Basic
blue The car is blue Basic
for He went for me Basic
my My car is white Basic
and Carrie and Emmy are here Basic
here They are here Basic
five There are five coins Basic
zero The number is zero Basic
red There is a red hat Basic
like I like you Basic
go Let us go together Basic
I I like you Basic
the The cat is black Basic
to I want to go Basic
a There is a green car Basic
are We are going too Basic
in We are in the house Basic
at We are at the store Basic
it Did it go with us Basic
look I look at books Basic
see I can see you Basic
three There are three cars Basic
no I told her no Basic
one There is one car Basic
you I can go with you Basic
have Do you have the keys Basic
two We have two cars Basic
me Go to the store with me Basic
what What is your name Basic
four There are four dogs Basic