group 7 words | Home Spelling Words

group 7 words | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
trip It is a long car trip to Kansas. Basic
swim We love to swim at the pool. Basic
step Step carefully up the stairs. Basic
nest There was a huge nest up in the tree. Basic
club I want to join a club after school. Basic
stone I found a pretty stone at the river. Basic
next Next we will read a book. Basic
brave Mom said to be brave at the dentist. Basic
glad I am glad it is Sunday. Basic
lost Look at the map so we don’t get lost. Basic
space Make space on your shelf for more books. Basic
blew The wind blew really hard lastnight. Basic
gravity Gravity holds us down on earth. Challenge
swerved The car swerved to avoid hitting the deer. Challenge
browse I want to browse through the books in the library. Challenge
glisten The dew on the grass will glisten in the sun. Challenge
frolic My dog likes to frolic in the back yard. Challenge