group 9 words | Home Spelling Words

group 9 words | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
write I have to write my spelling words. Basic
of I have a lot of pets at home. Basic
do What are we going to do this weekend? Basic
to I have to brush my teeth every day. Basic
time Fall is my favorite time of year. Basic
went We went roller skating tonite. Basic
myself I looked at myself in the mirror. Basic
what What is your favorite color? Basic
name I like my middle name. Basic
too I want to go too. Basic
little I don’t have a little brother. Basic
been She has been asleep for a while. Basic
capital Denver is the capital of Colorado. Challenge
century There are one hundred years in a century. Challenge
quiet We have to be very quiet in the library. Challenge
method There are many methods of teaching. Challenge
million I wish I had a million dollars. Challenge