week 1 | Home Spelling Words

week 1 | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
Sunday We rest on Sunday and go to Mass. Basic
Monday On Monday our chore chart starts. Basic
Tuesday On Tuesday you have art class. Basic
Wednesday CCSF is twice a month on Wednesdays. Basic
Thursday Thanksgiving is on the fourth Thursday in November. Basic
Friday Friday is the last day of the school week. Basic
Saturday On Saturday you get to walk Moose. Basic
January January is the first month of the year. Basic
February Dad’s birthday is February 23rd. Basic
March Adam and Grandma were born in March. Basic
April Mom, Emily, and Joseph were born in April. Basic
May Rebekah and Sarah were born in May. Basic
June The first day of summer is June 21st. Basic
July Rachel and Michel were born in July. Basic
August August is the last full month of summer. Basic
September Autumn begins in September Basic
October Lydia was born in October. Basic
November Thanksgiving is in November. Basic
December We celebrate Jesus’ birthday on December 25th. Basic
family My family has 10 beautiful people in it. Basic