Week 3 | Home Spelling Words

6th grade

Week 3 | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
moose A moose is the largest species of deer. Basic
cobra The venom from a cobra can take down an elephant. Basic
alligator A green alligator is a long neck animal. Basic
vanilla I like vanilla wafers. Basic
banana I like to eat a banana with my vanilla wafers. Basic
tomato I like tomato soup. Basic
mustard I always put mustard on my hot dog. Basic
hula Do you know how to hula? Basic
picnic I love to go on a picnic. Basic
barbecue Do you like to barbecue? Basic
crocodile C is for crocodile. Basic
coyote C is for coyote also. Basic
koala A koala bear is so cute. Basic
macaroni I like cheese and macaroni. Basic
catsup I eat alot of catsup. Basic
polka Do you how to polka? Basic
ballet I hated ballet. Basic
waltz I love the tennessee waltz. Basic
banquet We had a big banquet. Basic
buffet My nanny doesn’t like to eat at a buffet. Basic
happy I am very happy. Basic
sad I’m sad. Basic
church I don’t want to go to church. Basic
Fall Fall is here. Basic
Oreo Oreo loves to sleep. Basic