Week 4 | Home Spelling Words

Week 4 | Home Spelling Words
Word Practice Sentence Type
herd I have a herd of horses. Basic
heard Have you heard of the new game? Basic
capital Always start the sentence with a capital letter. Basic
capitol Olympia is the capitol of Washington. Basic
principle Hard work is the principle theme of school. Basic
principal The principal was the one who called my parents. Basic
there I left my purse right there yesterday. Basic
their This was their car before it was sold. Basic
straight Can you drive in a straight line? Basic
strait I found the most fish in the narrow strait at the bridge. Basic
compliment He paid her a very high compliment on her new dress. Basic
complement The bitter sauce did not complement the delicious cake. Basic
stationery She received beautiful stationery for her birthday. Basic
stationary The boat remained stationary through the storm. Basic
idle The worker was never idle, even on his lunch break. Basic
idol The native man wore a mud idol around his neck. Basic
hostel We stayed in a youth hostel while touring Europe. Basic
hostile The dog was hostile to the neighborhood cat. Basic
sheer Mother put a sheer curtain in the new window. Basic
shear While working on the farm, we had to shear many sheep. Basic
guerrilla The man was a member of the underground guerrilla group. Challenge
gorilla The zoo had a large male gorilla that weighed 250 pounds. Challenge
unyielding The crowd was unyielding while the Olympics were going on. Challenge
preferably We chose the preferably larger house instead of the log cabin. Challenge