First Grade Spelling Test and Practice

Spelling Test and Practice

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About Our Online 1st Grade Spelling Test

Our first grade spelling test and practice section is perfect for learning new and exciting words for your 1st grader. Use the test or practice section. To save test results, you have to register for a free family account.

Would you like to save your test scores?

In order to save your test scores, you have to register a free family account. We do not sell or share your information.

How Do I Practice Spelling?

First, select the list that you want to practice and then click on the button next to "show word". By doing this, your word will be shown for a brief moment. Then enter the word and check it and repeat those steps until you are done and you see your score on the screen. Being able to see the word and see it at the same time is really helpful, especially for students who struggle with spelling.

How Do I Take The Test?

Select the list that you want to practice and then select the say it button to hear the word. Enter the spelling word and click on check it. Continue to do this until your score shows up on the screen.

Would You Like To Make Your Own Spelling Lists?

Make your own spelling lists by registering for a free account. Then use the menus up top Manage Lists > Custom Lists. Select a student, then name your list and click on the Add button. The next screen will allow you to add words and sentences to your list.

Would You Like To Play Games With These Lists?

What's better than playing and learning at the same time? Use our spelling games with our spelling lists, or make your own lists and play games with those. Our website is perfect for homeschools, summer school and public and private schools because it is flexible.