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Taking your spelling tests online is both easy and smart! Use our grade appropriate lists to help improve your spelling skills or build your own custom spelling quiz. Home Spelling Words can also be used for spelling bee practice and learning vocabulary. Create customized spelling lists as you need them. What makes this spelling website great is how flexible it is. For example, if you have a vocabulary list that you need to memorize from science class, simply enter the words and the definitions as the sentence. You can apply the same concept to history class, math class or any other subject. You can also integrate this program into your summer reading programs. For example, take books from the library and find words inside that your student needs to learn. Simply add those words to a list and your student is improving their spelling, vocabulary and reading all at once.

If you have a student with a weekly spelling test from school, you can add those lists to our program and have your student practice once a day until test day. By creating an account, you will only need to enter the spelling words only one time and they are saved in your account. Have your older students add their own words to their list which will give them another chance to learn their words for the week. In addition to that, your students can play fun spelling games online. We have many fun spelling activities to help your child learn and grow.