Spelling Test and Practice with 4th Grade Spelling Lists

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Spelling Test and Practice

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About Our Online 4th Grade Spelling Test

Our 4th grade spelling test and practice section is fun and easy to use. You can become a better speller by using the practice section at least three times a week. Take tests online too as many times as you like.

Interested in saving test scores?

You only need to register with Home Spelling Words to save your test scores. Add as many students as you like to your account which is free. We never sell or share anyone's information.

How Do I Practice Spelling?

It's so easy to practice at Home Spelling Words. Use the checkbox to select the practice box. Then select the list you want to practice and click on the orange "say it" button. After you type it in, click on the green "check it" button and repeat. When you are done with the list, you will see your test score at the bottom of the screen.

How Do I Take Spelling Tests?

Spelling tests are easy to take. First select the checkbox for test int he top part of the panel. Select the list you would like to test on and click the "say it" button. After you type in the word, click on the green "check it" button. Continue typing in words until you see your score.

Would You Like To Make Your Own Spelling Lists?

This is the perfect option for homeschools with their own curriculum or students who bring spelling lists from school every week. Create your account, login and use the menu Manage Lists > Custom Lists. Select a student, name your list and click on the "Add" button. The next screen provides an area for you to add words and sentences.

Would You Like To Play Games With These Lists?

Our games are fun. What's better is that they are games with your words from your own lists that you entered or you can use our lists. Each game changes every time you play it, so your student won't get bored!