Kindergarten Spelling Words, Lists, Games & Worksheets

Kindergarten Spelling Lists, Games & Activities

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Enjoy our Kindergarten spelling lists plus practice these spelling words for Kindergarten students online, or create your own custom lists. Create spelling lists with sight words for extra reading help. Kindergarten is an important time for children to begin their learning adventure. Get them started of right by helping them learn common sight words, which will help them become better readers. Additionally, playing word games with your little one is a great way to have fun while learning. Children love to play games with their parents and it gives them confidence.

Make Your Own Spelling Lists

Make your own lists by registering with Home Spelling Words. Simply enter your list name, then each word and a practice sentence if you like. Once you are done, publish the list and start practicing right away. You can also take tests or play games with your customized spelling list. This works great for homeschools with their own curriculum or students who receive a weekly spelling list from their school.

Printable Kindergarten Worksheets

These are printable kindergarten spelling worksheets with missing letters. Students are able to practice handwriting and spelling by completing these. Worksheet 1 goes with List 1 and so forth.

Kindergarten Activities

Help your Kindergarten student grow his knowledge of sight words by the following activities:

Online Spelling: Practice our kindergarten spelling lists by importing them into your account. They contain many sight words that will help your student become more familiar with these common words.

Target Practice: Go to the library and get books with common sight words. Get stickers from an office supply store that are designed to be taken off (the stickers that are used to mark signature locations). Then work with your child to put arrows in the book on common sight words. This is a fun activity that helps with word recognition.

Memory Game: Get some index cards and write down some sight words in pairs. Then put them on the floor face down and flip two cards over at a time until you find matches. This game helps with word recognition and it’s something you can do as a family too!

Rhyme Game: Take a common ending like “un” and add consonants to the beginning. First, create a flash card deck of letters a-z using index cards. Then on another card write endings like “un” or “oat” etc. Then start trying consonants in front of them. Help your child read the words as needed. As you find real words, keep score of how many your student found.

At the beginning of the week, you might sit down and have a team meeting about what you hope to accomplish this week with your student. This will help your child be a part of the learning process and learn planning and organizational skills as well as goal setting.

Special Note: It is helpful for your Kindergarten student to feel a sense of accomplishment. All of your activities should involve praise and parent / caregiver involvement. Some kids really like to have a sticker board on the refrigerator or somewhere in a public place where they can show how well they’ve done. Create a grid with game names, books read, practice times and award gold stars for your child to place on the board.

Do you have advice for parents of Kindergarten students? Do you have a game you’d like to share? If so, email me, Kim, at info@homespellingwords.com today!