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Kindergarten Spelling Games

Your kindergarten student will enjoy learning to spell using our fun kindergarten spelling games. All of our games are interactive and easy for your young student to play. You can use our lists or create your own. Try Crazy Fish where your student uses the shark to eat the surf board with the correctly spelled word. The Memory Game is another favorite. Your student can click on cards until they find the matches. This is a great way for students to start to learn and recognize letters. Herman's Mouse Maze lets your little one navigate through a maze and spell their way through the maze until they complete the maze to win.

Kindergarten Spelling Games

Interactive Kindergarten Word Search Game

Interactive Kindergarten Word Search
Use our Word Search Game to help your kindergarten student learn to find words within other letters. Words can be found horizontally and vertically on the easy level. Click the Play button to start a new game. If your student needs a hint, click on the lightbulb hint button. When your student finds all of their words, they will be crossed out in the list above the game.

Spelling Soup Spelling Game with Kindergarten Lists

Kindergarten Spelling Soup Word Game for Kids
To play Spelling Soup, simply catch the correctly spelled word in the bowl as it falls. The words will be listed above and will be crossed out as your student catches their kindergarten spelling words.
Fill in the Blank Game

Fill in the Blank Game

Fill in the Blank is one of our most popular spelling games. Fill in the missing letters until the all the words have been completed. It's a great way for student to think through letter sequences.

Crazy Fish Spelling Game

Kid love our Crazy Fish Spelling Game with kindergarten spelling words. All you have to do is eat the surfboards that have the word spelled correctly. Use your mouse or touchscreen to move the fish up or down to eat the words. The game starts with 5 lives.

King Cactus Spelling Game

King Cactus Spelling Game requires the student to guess the letters in the word. It is a hangman spelling game where students have five chances to guess the word. Hint: Print out your list just in case students want to take a quick peak at their spelling lists to help them spell the right word.

Memory Game Spelling Game

Everyone loves the classic Memory Game! Simply click on Start to play the game. Click on two cards to find the matches until all of the cards have been matched.

Mouse Maze Spelling Game

Mouse Maze is a lot of fun. Navigate through the maze with the arrows on the keyboard or by clicking on the navigation menu just below the maze.

Word Chopper Whittling Spelling Game

Word Chopper is a great way to practice spelling lists while whittling away at the words you know. As your student spells words correctly, they are removed from the queue. Help Otto, our lumberjack, split all the wood!

Word Scramble Spelling Game

Our chef scrambles the words and your student unscrambles them by dragging the letters into the correct boxes. Kindergarten students really love the Word Scramble interactive spelling game.

Bink Bonk Game

Use your paddle to hit the ball and smash the bricks on the screen. Some bricks need some spelling expertise to be eliminated though.

Racing Stars Game

Race against the computer while hitting checkpoints to spell the words in your list. The game is finished when you have spelled all the words in your list correctly. Win the race against the computer for bragging rights!

Spelling Golf Game

Use your mouse to pull back and hit the ball until it falls in the hole! Avoid obstacles and roll over keys in order to reveal new areas of the course. Spelling questions are asked when keys and holes and hit. The game is finished when you have spelled all the words in your list correctly

Sky Spelling Game

Collect the coins with the plane and spell the words in your list correctly to complete the game until you have answered all spelling questions for your list. Avoid obstacles and lightning bolts!

Spelling Hopper Game

Use your mouse to move the frog and catch the flies with the correct spelling of the word. The game is finished when you have spelled all the words in your list correctly.

Jump Jump Game

Use your arrow keys to jump up to collect the coins and avoid flying objects. The game is finished when you have spelled all the words in your list correctly.