Fill In The Blank Game With 4th Grade Spelling List 10

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Word Practice Sentence
shook I shook his hand firmly.
proper Do you know the proper way to greet the queen?
final The final exam will be in late May.
shock The shock of the news made everyone dizzy.
calm Stay calm and take cover if you hear tornado sirens.
treatment Ice and rest are a recommended treatment for a sprained ankle.
stripes The skirt had bright orange stripes.
year This year we will go to Hawaii.
foolish She had acted foolish and was sorry.
pain The pain in my wrist was unbearable.
news The news spread quickly throughout the small town.
dizzy I felt dizzy after standing up too quickly.
area The area had been cleared of dead trees.
alphabet The English alphabet has twenty six letters.
eight There are eight more burgers on the grill.
rhythm The song had good rhythm to it.