Fill In The Blank Game With 4th Grade Spelling List 19

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Word Practice Sentence
caught She caught a rainbow trout.
restart You will have to restart your computer.
chance There is a chance that I am wrong.
happen I happen to be the best tennis player in my city.
replay Let's replay that part of the video.
good You've been very good today.
planning We are planning a trip to Virginia.
might She might win the pie eating contest.
would I would like to invite you to my party.
through We went through the tunnel.
little I have little hearts on my bracelet.
unwrap Let's unwrap the gifts now.
planned We planned on having more people over.
latitude Horizontal lines on a map or globe represent latitude.
mercury Did you know that mercury is a heavy silvery element?
limerick A limerick is a kind of a witty, humorous, or nonsense poem.