Fill In The Blank Game With 4th Grade Spelling List 25

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raced The burglar raced away as the police chased him.
blew He blew the candle out before going to bed.
steep The hill is very steep.
coast I took a vacation to the coast last year.
meet Let's meet at noon.
chosen I have already chosen your project partner.
chief The chief was pleased with the progress.
starve I don't want to starve out here in the wilderness.
cottage There was a cottage on top of the hill with a white picket fence.
remember I can't remember where I left my car keys.
carried I carried several bags of groceries into the house last night.
towel Bring a large towel with you.
disappointed I was disappointed at lunch today.
conductor The conductor was proud of the orchestra's performance.
afraid I am afraid to watch scary movies.