Fill In The Blank Game With 4th Grade Spelling List 29

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Word Practice Sentence
crooked The picture on the wall was crooked.
chapter We have to read the next chapter by tomorrow.
seat belt Wearing a seat belt can save your life.
cabbage We had cabbage stuffed with rice and meat for dinner.
strange There was a strange smell coming from the kitchen.
emptied We emptied our pockets to look for money.
chance I didn’t have a chance to grab a snack today.
full I am full after a big dinner.
easier It is easier to watch television than to run five miles.
rubbing She was rubbing her eyes too much.
yesterday My little sister had a play date yesterday.
become Do you want to become a surgeon?
dodge I had to dodge the ball to win.
cloudier Yesterday was cloudier than today.
Tuesday We have karate class on Tuesday.
caught We caught the biggest fish I'd ever seen.