Fill In The Blank Game With 4th Grade Spelling List 6

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Word Practice Sentence
renew I have to renew my library book.
battle The battle was won quickly.
blind My kitten is blind in one eye.
dislike Do you dislike peas?
tan I think this tan blouse will match better.
health I take my health very seriously.
pure Is the water pure and clean?
safe It is not safe to go out in a storm.
pull I pull my sister around in a wagon sometimes.
powerful The president of the United States is very powerful.
move I don’t want to move to another city again.
depend Everything will depend on how fast I can finish my work.
unlucky She thinks she is unlucky, but she's wrong.
horizon The horizon is where the sky and ground meet.
arrangement The arrangement that was made was beneficial to everyone.
suppose I suppose I can meet you after school.