Fill In The Blank Game With 5th Grade List 10

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Word Practice Sentence
moved This couch has been moved.
because My face got burned because I didn't use sunscreen.
pretend I will pretend I didn't see you.
provided We provided all of the evidence.
matches Bring matches to the picnic.
either We can either go today or tomorrow.
parents There are many parents who would like to volunteer.
evidence The evidence pointed to the butler.
pajamas My pajamas are getting too small.
fidgeting My brother can't stop fidgeting.
environment Caring for the environment is very important.
Alaska I am back from Alaska.
normal She is the most normal girl I know.
neighborhood We are having a fundraiser in my neighborhood.
space I dream about going into space on a shuttle.
guitar My guitar is very dear to me.
during I will make sure I call during the meeting.
sore My feet are still sore from walking.