Fill In The Blank Game With 5th Grade List 14

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Word Practice Sentence
history The history of France is quite interesting.
breath After the long run she was nearly out of breath.
types There are many types of rocks to study.
dead The dead plant was wilted and brown.
players We needed six more players.
clothes Our clothes looked old and dirty.
really I really enjoyed the concert.
recent Our recent trip to Kansas was a lot of fun.
crayons We had five green crayons.
snowball We made a snowball to throw at our dad.
wonder I wonder who will be at camp this year.
west I live on the west side of town.
reduce We will reduce waste by fifty percent.
easiest The easiest solution seems to be the best.
accuse Don't accuse anyone without proof.
besiege The soldiers planned to besiege the palace for months.
congenial Joan is the most congenial person I know.