Fill In The Blank Game With 5th Grade List 16

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Word Practice Sentence
pick You can be pick blue or red.
taught We taught them how to play football.
length The length of the stadium was in debate.
exciting We wonder if our camp will be exciting.
vacation Our last vacation to Michigan was spectacular.
who's I know who's going to help clean the house.
policy The policy was discussed before going further.
primitive The film described primitive peoples.
services We provide many services for the community.
gun We saw a gun that was very old.
auctioneer The auctioneer began selling items.
asphalt The parking lot will be covered with asphalt.
patriotic My family is very patriotic.
eccentric My great grandmother is very eccentric.
you're We know you're going to win.
living I like living in Tennessee.
seems She seems nicer than the last waitress.