Fill In The Blank Game With 5th Grade List 17

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Word Practice Sentence
human We are human beings.
propaganda They dropped propaganda from airplanes.
established We established new rules that were more fair.
education The education we receive is top notch.
honeycomb There is some honeycomb in the honey jar.
future The future looks bright for you.
bushes My dad dug up two bushes in our yard.
garbage The garbage started to stink.
been It's been five years since I've seen my friend.
higher The airplane went higher and higher.
house Our new house is far from the mall.
mailbox My mailbox is full now.
better We'd better get home before dark.
students The students brainstormed for hours.
person One person can make a difference.
tired We got tired after running five miles.
beyond There is an ice rink beyond those trees.