Play Fill In The Blank Game

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Word Practice Sentence
notebook I bought a green notebook for science class.
writing She was writing last time I saw her.
pictures The pictures were hung carefully.
straight Draw a straight line using a ruler.
including We thought we were including everyone.
adventure You always liked an adventure.
creature The creature on the film was green and slimy.
python My brother saw a python at the zoo.
paper The pink paper will work best.
test I will take a test every day this week.
weapon The weapon needs to be registered.
called They called us yesterday about the study group.
an The ceremony was actually an afterthought.
dance The facilities for the dance were quite beautiful.
town The docks are near the industrial area of town.
music He likes various kinds of music.
need I need all the information you have.
markers Did you find enough markers for everyone?