Play Fill In The Blank Game

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Word Practice Sentence
housework We still have a lot of housework to finish.
simple This story is very simple.
admire We really admire your stamina.
police The police were happy to help the citizens.
wrapping She bought five rolls of wrapping paper.
together We need to work together from now on.
crew The crew was nervous about the storm ahead.
parts The parts won't be in until Thursday.
appear The deer will appear at dawn tomorrow.
oily My skin is too oily.
term The loan term was for five years.
please Please take a bow for the audience.
school I sing in our school chorus.
white My grandfather had a white handkerchief.
joined We have joined the association of medical professionals.
ready The missiles were ready to launch.
fix The mechanic tried his best to fix the old car.
like I like oatmeal cookies a lot.