Fill In The Blank Game With 5th Grade List 27

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Word Practice Sentence
Montana I want to drive to Montana.
emotion He didn't show any emotion.
purse I bought a red purse.
market The market is crowded.
mother My mother made me a sweater.
world We learn about the world in geography class.
include Let's include the other clubs too.
firm It's important to be fair but firm.
started We started a new chapter today.
number The number of students is growing quickly.
president The president of the association will speak now.
level I made it to level twelve.
charge The soldiers will charge the castle.
member I am a member of three gaming websites.
rattlesnake I was shocked to see a rattlesnake at the park.
quarter I need a quarter for the parking meter.
umbrella My umbrella broke.
Baton Rouge Our family will visit Baton Rouge.