Fill In The Blank Game With 5th Grade List 7

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Word Practice Sentence
maybe I don’t think we can go shopping now, but maybe we can go later.
moisten Please moisten this washcloth.
judge The judge banged his gavel to get everyone's attention.
listening We are all listening to the librarian's rules.
covered She covered the painting carefully.
complain He will complain until he gets his way.
million We have a million dollars now.
anyone Is there anyone who doesn't like cheese pizza?
brain The human brain is miraculous.
nearly I have bought nearly all of her songs.
freedom We shouldn't take freedom for granted.
reached I reached behind the cabinet to get the toy.
private Let's keep this information private.
university The university held graduation ceremonies in the main hall.
required We required everyone to take that class.
development Human development is interesting and amazing.
individual The individual in question was wearing a tan sweater.
foot My foot may be broken.