Play Fill In The Blank Game

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Word Practice Sentence
outside It is too hot to be outside.
several There are several people applying for this job.
activity You should sign up for one more camp activity.
reading We are reading ten books this year.
beard My father's beard is long.
appeared The water appeared too low for boating.
brown My lunch is in that brown bag.
o'clock I am only here until eight o'clock.
taking Shelly is taking the college entrance exam.
didn’t She didn't study enough.
ice cream Will you meet me at the ice cream shop?
finally We are finally free.
merely It was merely a dream.
difference The difference between the paintings was clear.
light The weird looking light made a buzzing sound.
learn The international student was excited to learn about America.
paid I paid the bill last week.
easy We think that this test is easy.