Play Fill In The Blank Game

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Word Practice Sentence
theory Our theory will have to be tested.
states The states banned together to for the good of the union.
efforts His efforts will be rewarded.
nature I enjoy camping and nature hikes.
work I will work with my father this summer.
chiefs The police chiefs decided to raise money to help out the community.
mention I won't mention the incident the other day.
raccoon Did you see that raccoon digging in the trash?
cottage She drew a cottage and a beautiful garden.
consider We would like you to consider this job opening.
trouble My cousins almost always got into trouble.
skateboard My skateboard is black with yellow flames.
again Will I ever see you again?
there’s I think there's an extra helmet over there.
clumsy It seems like I am more clumsy than other people.
was The dance performance was sensational.
want I want to study ancient literature in college.
light When everything was brought to light they were shocked.
being She was clearly in agony after being stung by the bee.
chips I eat chips from your skin, james.