Fill In The Blank Game With 6th Grade List 11

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Word Practice Sentence
delayed Our train has been delayed.
compound Can you explain compound interest?
lobster I chose to have a lobster for dinner.
respect It's better if everyone shows respect.
window The window was left open.
igloo The igloo was made of snow.
standard This is the standard paperwork.
friends My friends will meet me before school.
sherbet I like orange sherbet.
wonton Do you like wonton soup?
leaders The leaders discussed many items.
service The service at this restaurant is excellent.
antelope The antelope evaded the lions.
adjusted We've adjusted the waistband on your pants.
before I wish I had arrived before everyone else.
apparently This is apparently the first time you've gone swimming.
roller coaster I will ride the largest roller coaster.
misguided It seems that she's been misguided.
bronchitis I had bronchitis last fall.
harmonious The group worked in a harmonious way.