Fill In The Blank Game With 6th Grade List 14

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Word Practice Sentence
cause The cause of the eruption was unknown.
nuclear The nuclear disaster was averted.
value The value of this diamond is quite high.
medieval The castle was built in the medieval period.
medal She won a gold medal.
doesn't Why doesn’t Jerry like playing checkers?
occupation List your occupation next to your name.
slope The slope was perfect for sledding.
double We will get double the points at the carnival.
social My mother says I am very social.
chestnuts I bought roasted chestnuts from the street vendor.
exam I will post the results of the exam tomorrow.
interrupt I will not interrupt you again.
grabbed She grabbed me and jumped with glee.
distraught He seems so distraught lately.
instrument Do you play an instrument?
adequate Bring an adequate amount sunscreen.
proceeding We will be proceeding through the toll gate shortly.
pandemonium It was complete pandemonium as the new doll went on sale.
address My address is listed in the phone book.