Fill In The Blank Game With 6th Grade List 20

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Word Practice Sentence
later I will eat later.
scent That candle gives off a wonderful scent.
trade Let's trade pens.
then They will sing then you will play the guitar.
resent I resent that comment.
threw She threw a tantrum.
example Can you show me a good example?
important We know this job is important to you.
hear I hear better in this ear.
section This section is about frogs.
chord Can you play a chord for me?
along We went along with everything he said.
made This movie made me feel sad.
tunnel We made our way through the tunnel.
town The small town had a festival.
Christmas What do most children want for Christmas?
earthquake The earthquake shook many homes.
courage His courage was admirable.
downtown We used to live downtown.
knowledge My knowledge of kangaroos is limited.