Fill In The Blank Game With 6th Grade List 21

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Word Practice Sentence
month My school starts in the month of August.
rest Get some rest before the big trip.
solution I finally figured out the solution to the complex math problem.
something I knew something was missing.
below We went below to take a look at the boat's cabin.
curlicue A curlicue is a fancy twist or curl.
ambulance The ambulance arrived just in time.
judged He was judged harshly by the other students.
little The little fish swam away quickly.
analysis Our expert analysis reveals an opening in the market.
reason This is the reason we left early.
relax This warm blanket will help you relax.
recess My brother can't wait for recess.
lay Let's lay down in the grass.
roommate I will have a roommate in college.
amusing This game is very amusing.
enormous There was an enormous elephant on television this morning.
helicopter I got to ride in a helicopter.
foundation The foundation was cracked and old.
exercising She is exercising nearly every day.