Play Fill In The Blank Game

Show word:
Word Practice Sentence
election I will vote in the upcoming election.
communicate What is your favorite way to communicate with your friends?
swimming Bob loved swimming in the summer.
patios We build patios and decks.
blood I gave blood last month.
knives The knives, forks and spoons are in the top left drawer.
view The view from our hotel room is spectacular.
cobra The cobra rose and hissed.
New York I will visit New York this summer.
eye My eye itches.
curl I like to curl my hair.
Europe This summer we will travel through Europe.
macaroni Do you like macaroni and cheese?
gemologist My aunt is a gemologist.
patients The patients were tired and cranky.
uniform My uniform is too small now.
water The water is so peacful in the evening.
leave Did you accidentally leave the refrigerator open?
odd His behavior was odd.
eat Do you like to eat chicken?