Fill In The Blank Game With 6th Grade List 29

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Word Practice Sentence
above Something fell from above.
born She was born last weekend.
countries The countries finally made peace.
disturb I don't want to disturb your sleep.
bring Will you bring me a glass of water?
more There are more bagels in the cupboard.
prune We need to prune the trees.
results The results shocked everyone.
outside We waited outside.
dentist The dentist will pull her tooth.
calves The calves drank milk from their mother.
measure I will measure the window first.
always We always enjoy your stories.
shield She had to shield herself from the ball.
areas We play in those areas.
dreamt I dreamt that I could fly.
glistening The glistening water had a hypnotic effect.
bizarre The news was too bizarre.
determined We've determined that you should lead.
flamboyant The artist was flamboyant.