Fill In The Blank Game With 6th Grade List 7

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Word Practice Sentence
literal The literal translation didn't make any sense.
perform Alex will perform at the high school tonight.
sandwich The meatball sandwich looked delicious.
because I know you are my friend because you care about me.
California California is a state.
sense I sense that you are upset.
effective The new medicine was very effective.
immediately I want to leave immediately.
student Each student needs safety goggles.
hula Have you seen the hula dancers?
report The report made everything clear.
examine We will examine the evidence before we proceed.
cowboy The cowboy rode off into the sunset.
basis What is the basis of your argument?
financial Ella is a financial planner.
enlighten Traveling the world will enlighten you.
administration The school administration planned on more fundraising events.
tomatoes The tomatoes are nearly ripe.
approach This approach seems sensible.
answered She answered the phone on the first ring.