Fill In The Blank Game With 6th Grade List 9

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Word Practice Sentence
dwell Let's not dwell on the past.
cheese The mouse stole the cheese.
times There are times when you have to be patient.
descend Check your ropes before you descend into the cave.
cent Those candies used to cost one cent.
manner The manner in which she spoke was graceful.
coach The coach made all the right decisions.
absolutely He absolutely has to be there on time.
worth A picture is worth a thousand words.
husband My husband teaches math.
dense This cake is too dense.
ledge Put the plants on the ledge.
reef The reef was dying from rising water temperatures.
warehouse That warehouse is full of shoes.
sparkling The diamonds were sparkling under the light.
omitting I have been omitting the unnecessary words.
tremendous We have a tremendous opportunity here.
specific We need to be more specific about who is in charge.
crocodile Did you see that crocodile?
poisonous That snake is poisonous.