Fill In The Blank Game With 7th Grade List 11

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Word Practice Sentence
arguing We shouldn't be arguing.
studio The photographer's studio was very fancy.
mimicking The parrot loved mimicking its owner.
flood We prepared for the river to flood.
unemployment The unemployment rate is going down.
yogurt I have blueberry yogurt in my lunch.
combine I'd like to combine our money to buy a new couch.
critical Finishing the surgery soon is critical.
frequently Jane communicates with her parents frequently.
reduction The reduction in staff made everyone nervous.
quadruple The stock price was predicted to quadruple.
solstice A solstice is an event that happens twice each year.
undefeated The volleyball team was undefeated this season.
correlation There was a correlation between more teachers and improved grades.
visibility It seemed that visibility was greatly diminished due to fog.
decaffeinated My friend always orders decaffeinated coffee.
physician The physician prescribed medicine.
restored The antique needed to be restored.
straight The poster was not straight on the wall.
bacteria The growth of the bacteria went unnoticed.
corruption Unfortunately, corruption has reached all levels.
qualified I am qualified for the job.