Fill In The Blank Game With 7th Grade List 12

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Word Practice Sentence
boundary The boundary would be difficult to cross.
medical The medical staff worked all night on the patient.
escort The security guard had to escort the men outside.
temporary The substitute position is only temporary.
motivate What will motivate you to get better grades?
suburbs I live in the suburbs.
briefcase My father left his briefcase at the office.
safety Wearing a seat belt is for your own safety.
someone Is someone calling your name?
inspire I'd like to think I inspire people.
available We are available all week.
bagel I bought a bagel for breakfast.
accountant The accountant finished my taxes early.
incident The incident made everyone rethink their goals.
scenery The scenery was breathtaking.
expansion The expansion was planned for the summer.
itinerary Were you able to get the new itinerary for the trip?
indecision Mary’s indecision made her lose out on a great opportunity.
discriminate I would never discriminate against you.
commemoration Several celebrities attended the commemoration.
university Which university do you want to attend?
bicentennial The bicentennial celebration was well attended.