Fill In The Blank Game With 7th Grade List 13

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Word Practice Sentence
attendant The attendant hasn’t missed a day of work yet.
untidy The woman was untidy.
soloist The soloist played a beautiful song.
handcuffs The criminal had to wear handcuffs.
security The mall security tries to keep everyone safe.
eyebrows My eyebrows are very bushy.
vocabulary It’s always good to expand your vocabulary.
explain Can you explain solar energy to me?
solitary The criminal was put into solitary confinement.
qualifying There is still a qualifying round left before the championship.
nonprofit My favorite nonprofit organization really helps people in need.
superintendent Our superintendent will eat lunch with us.
authority Students don’t have the authority to roam the halls.
untrustworthy The website seemed untrustworthy.
experiment Tomorrow we will conduct an experiment in science class.
prefer My friend would prefer vanilla ice cream.
eroding The land was eroding too quickly.
aqueduct An aqueduct was built to bring water.
accompanist The accompanist complemented the singer’s voice.
zucchini I like zucchini in my lasagna.
racquetball Playing racquetball requires a lot of energy.
claustrophobic I feel claustrophobic in elevators.