Fill In The Blank Game With 7th Grade List 22

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Word Practice Sentence
uninterested Tom was uninterested in playing baseball this year.
continuous Our basketball team is showing continuous improvement.
novelist The novelist spent many long hours writing.
revise Did you revise the rough draft yet?
frightened The cat was frightened by the loud noise.
chemist My father is a chemist.
triplets The triplets all dressed alike.
socialize I love to socialize and meet new people.
impede I don't want anything to impede upon our progress.
lavish The hotel room was so lavish we could hardly believe our eyes.
irate The clerk became irate when asked too many questions.
nuclear Many feel it is important to stop nuclear proliferation.
eighth The eighth grade is a lot of fun.
collide I saw two cars collide on an icy road.
infamous The infamous bank robber was finally captured.
psychiatrist A psychiatrist has the ability to prescribe medicine to their patients.
fluorescent The fluorescent light kept buzzing.
accessible The ramp was easily accessible.
infuriating Ann found the girl's constant arguing infuriating.
commissary A commissary is a store that sells supplies to military people.
insinuating What are you insinuating?