Fill In The Blank Game With 7th Grade List 23

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Word Practice Sentence
apprentice The apprentice had to work under a master craftsman.
disinterested The children seemed disinterested in the game.
unique The purse had a unique design.
adopt My parents want to adopt another child.
privilege It is a privilege to work with you on this project.
inundated She was inundated with letters from colleges.
intensified The search for the puppy was intensified.
continent North America is a continent.
instantly Now you can instantly download movies.
victim The victim finally spoke out.
different There are many different markers available.
alumni There is an alumni banquet this weekend.
legacy His legacy would not be forgotten.
gorilla A male gorilla can weigh up to five hundred pounds.
maternal The bear's maternal instincts made her fight for her cub.
sincerely I sincerely believe everything will be fine.
boulevard The boulevard was lined with daffodils.
legitimate He is the legitimate heir to the throne.
momentum The go-kart did not gather enough momentum to go far.
negligent The landlord was negligent and did not fix anything.
nomadic The people of the Arabian Peninsula were nomadic.
dehumidifier A dehumidifier removes the moisture from the air.