Fill In The Blank Game With 7th Grade List 26

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Word Practice Sentence
pamper They really pamper you at the spa.
threatening The lightening became threatening and scary.
poised The pageant contestant was poised.
hospital The hospital was full of patients.
regulate Some people have to carefully regulate their blood sugar.
newsstand The newsstand did not receive any papers this morning.
specific Do you have any specific questions?
companion A dog can be a valuable companion.
pending Your account is still pending.
ponder I like to lie on the ground and ponder the night sky.
perjury By lying he has committed perjury.
specialist I am a heart specialist.
headache My headache hasn’t gone away yet.
hostel The backpackers stayed in a hostel while in Austria.
persistent It pays to be persistent.
laboratory The laboratory was closed today.
colonel He is a colonel in the army.
lieutenant My uncle is a lieutenant in the Marines.
perceived Her actions were perceived as a threat.
except I want to buy every vegetable except peas.
perturbing It was very perturbing to watch him wiggle in his seat constantly.
pique The added bonus will pique his interest.