Fill In The Blank Game With 7th Grade List 29

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Word Practice Sentence
confetti Everyone threw confetti for the newly married couple.
reign The king would reign over his land for fifty years.
audible His voice was barely audible.
immobilize We will immobilize the tanks first.
treasure The treasure was buried near a large rock.
sheer The curtains were sheer so you could nearly see through them.
graffiti The graffiti was painted over by a local artist.
defendant The defendant took the stand.
logical The logical conclusion was to go into business together.
abduction The abduction turned out to be a hoax.
field The field was covered with wildflowers.
supervise The older members will supervise the youth.
consideration I appreciate your consideration.
distinguished The guest was a very distinguished gentleman from Vermont.
dejected He felt dejected his friend yelled at him then walked away.
microscope I received a microscope for my birthday.
suspended The account was suspended due to an unpaid bill.
precede The mayor's speech should precede the others.
reality In reality, we weren't ready to move.
foreigner The foreigner was able to learn local customs quickly.
bifocals My bifocals help me see a lot better.