Fill In The Blank Game With 7th Grade List 4

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Word Practice Sentence
Saturday This Saturday is the cheerleading competition.
unbreakable An arm is not unbreakable.
embarrass Todd didn’t want to embarrass his brother.
dictionary Please bring me the dictionary.
errands Do you have any errands left?
traveled They traveled on horses.
reality The reality of the situation became clear.
objective The objective is learn something new.
parallel You have to know how to parallel park for the driver’s test.
cologne The cologne smelled like spring flowers.
heirloom That vase is a treasured family heirloom.
vision Billy’s vision has improved since last year.
proceed Let's proceed without her.
opinion Do you have an opinion on school uniforms?
operation The operation was a success.
exotic That rug from the Near East is very exotic looking.
unconscious The boy was unconscious when he arrived at the hospital.
viciously The tiger viciously attacked the zebra.
meteorology Have you seen the meteorology report?
meticulous He's very meticulous.
orangutan The orangutan seemed to like the zoo visitors.
unpredictable Weather can be very unpredictable at times.