Fill In The Blank Game With 7th Grade List 5

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Word Practice Sentence
submit We will submit our projects on Friday.
effect The battle would have a profound effect on the rest of the war.
introduction The introduction to the book was well written.
arthritis My grandpa has arthritis in his knees.
advisory There is a winter weather advisory out for the whole state.
candidate Who do you think is the best candidate?
snowmobile We will buy a snowmobile this winter.
machinery Operating heavy machinery can be dangerous.
pendulum The clock has a pendulum.
formally The man formally introduced the guest speaker.
principal Have you seen the principal today?
productivity Our plant's productivity has gone up.
clearly We were clearly mistaken.
disgusted Lilly was disgusted with the news.
mosquito The annoying mosquito was eventually squashed.
competitive Are you a competitive person?
amiable She was a very amiable person.
promotional Some of the promotional ads are not professional enough.
niece My niece has five silk dresses.
mispronunciation I am sorry about the mispronunciation of your name.
chameleon A chameleon blends into its environment.
straightedge The line needs to be drawn with a straightedge.