Fill In The Blank Game With 7th Grade List 7

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Word Practice Sentence
forgotten Have you forgotten the test?
stomach I felt sick to my stomach.
account The bank account was closed.
intercede She had to intercede on behalf of her guests.
volume Let's measure the volume of the cup.
asthma Do you suffer from asthma?
asterisk Place an asterisk after the sentence.
torpedoes The torpedoes were not to be launched without orders.
wary I'd be wary of him if I were you.
invitation Did you receive an invitation to her surprise birthday party?
literacy The literacy rates in some countries is still too low.
medalist The gold medalist would be present at the banquet.
glacier The glacier was moving slowly still.
cocoa Do you use cocoa powder to make the cake?
exertion It will take quite a bit of exertion to move that rock.
microcosm This represents a microcosm.
kindergarten My sister is in kindergarten.
prospective The prospective students went on a tour of the school.
uniformity The uniformity of the buildings made the campus dull.
deprivation Sleep deprivation can affect your judgment.
transferring I am transferring into a more difficult class.