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Word Practice Sentence
identify It's easy for me to identify with him.
admiral The admiral barked out orders.
advantage We clearly have the advantage today.
beginning The beginning of the book was unusual.
usually I usually have an egg for breakfast.
sweet This smoothie is too sweet.
arctic The arctic air was colder than expected.
accuracy The accuracy of this brand of darts is well known.
sleepiness I can't seem to shake this sleepiness.
expire My license will expire soon.
access How will I access my bank account from overseas?
adhesive The adhesive left a gummy residue.
was The politician was very persuasive.
doctors The doctors will measure your respiration rate.
dark The dark clouds looked ominous.
sound The sound is completely inaudible.
longer The conventional wisdom was no longer accepted.
under Those criminals are under surveillance.
should She should stop being sarcastic and start being helpful.
school Building a track was a judicious use of school funds.
cold Winter is very cold.
pick We've arranged to pick you up at the airport.