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Word Practice Sentence
tremendous There is a tremendous amount of support for you.
anguish The anguish the mother felt was unbearable.
encroach The town will soon encroach upon the small village.
probably She probably won't answer the phone.
exotic The exotic bird was taken to the zoo.
emotional The emotional toll has been overwhelming.
delicate The delicate flower will only last one day.
posture His posture was terrible.
suspension Her suspension from playing made everyone sad.
diversion The diversion helped the prisoners escape.
proxy I set up my own proxy server.
intercept I will intercept all conversations between these groups.
infectious The baby's laughter was infectious.
predicted I predicted that it would rain today.
finesse The salesman had a lot of finesse.
day The weasel needs to be fed once a day.
time The ravages of time were clearly seen on the structure.
is His behavior is quite indiscriminate.
comic My brother is a real comic book aficionado.
story The fishing story was full of exaggeration.
hurt The immunization shot didn't hurt a bit.
rate Our consumption rate must drop.