Fill In The Blank Game With 8th Grade List 13

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Word Practice Sentence
transfer I will transfer money into your account.
proximity The proximity to the subway made the hotel more popular.
pertinent This information is not pertinent to the trial.
heroism I was surprised at his act of heroism.
doctrine The doctrine was followed carefully by all.
really She really likes peanut butter.
supernatural The mist seemed almost super natural.
flaunt She shouldn't flaunt her gold as thieves might notice.
gaunt The gaunt old man told a strange and wonderful tale.
accountable We will hold you accountable for all of your actions.
mortgage The mortgage payment is due.
confirm I will confirm our reservations.
compassionate He is a compassionate soul who helps the poor.
neutral I consider myself neutral on this issue.
desolate The desert was hot and desolate.
notorious He was a notorious gangster.
ambidextrous My mom is ambidextrous.
serene The mountains are serene in the early morning.
mythical The mythical dragon would have to be slain.
culpable The management is either incompetent or culpable.
gaudy That blouse is terribly gaudy.