Fill In The Blank Game With 8th Grade List 16

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Word Practice Sentence
examine The doctor will examine the patient now.
agitated She always looks so agitated.
collision The collision has caused too much damage.
inspire His words always inspire me.
transaction The transaction has been completed.
solace I have found solace in knowing that I have done my best.
forbidden It is forbidden to look at the scrolls.
invade The army will invade at dawn.
failure She feels like a failure, but she has done well.
juncture This is an important juncture in your career.
fend We need to fend off the wolves.
charitable We've made many charitable contributions.
amend I'd like to amend my request.
deplore I deplore those who are arrogant.
arduous Why does this have to be such an arduous task?
dehydrated The dehydrated man asked for water.
innate I have an innate need to achieve greatness.
transparent All of the records must be transparent.
tenacious The tenacious girl is sure to become success.
intuitive She had an intuitive awareness of her surroundings.
prohibition The prohibition only lasted a few years.
commemorate We will have a dinner to commemorate the event.