Fill In The Blank Game With 8th Grade List 17

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Word Practice Sentence
thermometer The thermometer was broken.
retrieve Will you be able to retrieve the passwords?
porous This type of stone is porous.
chronic She seems to have a chronic illness.
menial Many consider this type of work menial.
rue I rue the day I lost that job.
scribble Let's not scribble on our desks.
subtraction We need to learn subtraction before multiplication.
conference The conference lasts all week.
trespass If you trespass, you will be arrested.
residue The residue was being analyzed at the lab.
composure I need to regain my composure before speaking again.
allude The writings allude to something no one remembers.
inference If this inference is correct, then the research was worthwhile.
inspect They will inspect the food before it is sold.
bias My bias has held me back from being fair.
neglect I don't want to neglect my duties.
epitaph The epitaph was inspiring and sad at the same time.
scrupulous The musician gave a scrupulous performance.
refrain We will refrain from talking during the concert.
transit The transit time will be measured by computer.
clandestine The clandestine activities were recalled in the newspaper.