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Word Practice Sentence
accord The peace accord may not last as long as they had hoped.
unnatural It seems unnatural to expect cats and dogs to get along.
prescribe The doctor will prescribe medicine for you.
disposable The disposable glove tore easily.
allergic I am allergic to wheat.
improvement His grades showed a lot of improvement this year.
prevention Fire prevention is the theme this month.
drowned The puppy nearly drowned, but was saved.
perspire I don't like to perspire.
miracle Her recovery was a miracle.
isle The isle was dotted with coconut trees.
basically We are basically going to wait for him to leave his office.
suede The suede shoes got wet and had to be thrown away.
provoke Please don't provoke your sister.
coordination I have a lot of hand eye coordination.
management The store is under new management.
political My political affiliation is not the issue.
recourse Contacting a lawyer was our only recourse.
jealous It's not good to be jealous.
provocative The political documentary was provocative.
had The corporal had many duties.
and Synonyms for symmetrical are balanced and congruent.